For years and years my go-to sunglasses have been my trusty Ray-Ban Wayfarers. They’re the perfect grab-and-go classic and look chic with any look. A few years back though, when my distance vision started to get a tad bit blurry I decided to try these sunglasses, which offered a little help in the vision department being as they had built-in readers. I can’t tell you what a difference they made (nothing like being able to see clearly!) and since then I have added countless pairs to my wardrobe. I have them in multiple colors and styles and love how something as simple as changing my sunglasses can change my whole look. I still wear my Ray-Bans, upgraded with prescription strength lenses, but these sunglasses are fun, well made and extremely affordable. I cannot recommend them enough. By the way, this in not an add. I just get asked so often about my sunglasses that I wanted to share the product info with you.

Have a great day friends! Be safe! xoxM