I must admit I wasn’t sold on this season’s it hat until I saw the beautiful Amy Ann from Straight A Style Blog sporting one in a recent post. She looked so darn cute in her Fiddler’s Cap that I decided I, too, would jump into the water and give this style a try. What do you think? Does it work as well on me? Did I make the right decision in buying it?  The hat is more fun than I thought, and is actually quite warm.  This one is also very reasonable – just $42, and comes in other colors and patterns. Might just pick up this one, too. Mine came from Nordstrom, one of my favorite online shopping destinations because of their return policy. I knew if I didn’t love it, I could send it right back. But I kind of do love it, so, thank you Amy Ann for the style-inspo!  You convinced me to try something I probably would have passed on otherwise :)

How about you? Is this a style you’ll be wearing this season?

My Outfit Details

Turtleneck Bodysuit  //  Jeans  //  J.Crew Peacoat (similar here and here)  //  Zara Booties (similar here and here)  //  Hat  ( also love this one and this one) //  Chanel Bag


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