This train that is 2019 has started to pick up steam, hasn’t it?! January is just about ready to take a bow and then it’s into another new month we go. My goal of being more chill these past 31 days worked out pretty well for me (thanks in part to my Calm app :) )

except for the day I got stuck in an elevator (so scary!!!)

or the day that I drank three cups of caffeinated coffee mistakenly believing I was drinking decaf. (Not so chill that day. Note to self, get some stronger glasses!)

But other than those little hiccups, chill would be a great way to describe this past month. I worked hard at not self-pressuring and along the way realized that tied to that desire has been this insistent internal voice urging me to get back to basics, not just in a superficial way (wardrobe choices and daily routines) but in a way that goes far deeper and is essential to my soul’s pursuits, rediscovering those things that bring me joy. That has meant getting back to my writing and photography; being purposeful in the projects I take on; and indeed, being absolutely intentional in everything I choose to endeavor going forward. I am grateful for the opportunity my birthday month has afforded me to reconnect to myself. It’s a beautiful start to a beautiful new year. Thank you, January and cheers to the month ahead!

Have a great day, friends, and a fabulous February! xxM