Nothing gives me more pleasure than to shop my own closet and this season I will have ample opportunity. Multiple trends have solidly resurfaced in 2019 and many of them happen to be in my closet from the last go-round (these cargo pants come to mind). Today though, I’m talking mules, a chic, versatile shoe that has been fighting to make a resurgence the past couple of seasons and looks to have finally taken hold. When last we met (at least 15 years ago) I was a fan and amassed quite the collection. The Blahnik’s above are just one example. I’ll be pulling them all out soon and am excited to wear them once again. For those of you buying your first pair of these beauties, or like me simply want to add a fresh pair to your collection, there are literally hundreds of styles and colors to choose from. Below I’ve rounded up some of my favorites at all price points. Definitely a must-have once you’re able to shed those boots :)

01.                                         02.                                        03.

04.                                         05.                                        06.

07.                                        08.                                         09.

11.                                        12.                                        13.

13.                                        14.                                        15.

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