And the winner is…

APL sneakers.

The acronym stands for Athletic Propulsion Labs, a sportwear company founded by identical twin brothers Ryan and Adam Goldston. Their shoes marry design and performance and, in fact, these USC grads brought to market the only shoe ever banned by the NBA because it reportedly allows you to jump higher.

My husband has been logging miles in his APL sneakers for almost six months, which also happens to be exactly how long I’ve been listening to him rave about these shoes. I don’t play basketball (much ;) ) but I do run and do lots of walking so when John surprised me with the pretty pink pair I’m wearing in today’s post I had to at least humor him and give them a try. My go-to running shoes are ASICS and I’ve always stuck with what works for me. Fast forward two weeks. I wasn’t expecting to be won over so quickly but the APL’s are amazingly comfortable. The technology of the shoe allows them to hug your foot for a perfect fit and best of all they’re super light. And did I mention how stylish they are? From workouts to running around town, I pretty much have been wearing mine non-stop.

Definitely my new favorite sneaker!

Below a few other models I’ve got my eye on.