How did that happen?

They say the busier you are the faster time flies and that couldn’t have been more true for me this past year.

2021 had me totally immersed in the design and rebuild of our new home, a massive undertaking that has been all-consuming .

Yes, it’s been a year filled with more stops and starts than I care to count but we are finally getting close. (Don’t strike up the band just yet.)

This year on the blog I’ll be sharing all the details of this mega-project,

-from the rich history of the home (a blend of both Postmodern and Mid-century architecture)

-to all the highs and lows we encountered during the rebuild (there were many!)

-to my design process (interior, exterior and landscape) 

-to a marble moment that has to be seen to be believed (Let’s just say that book-matched marble is not my favorite look)

-to all my favorite purveyors, paint colors, plaster finishes and everything in between.

No doubt about it, it’s been quite a journey, one that I am really looking forward to sharing with you in the year ahead.

Stay tuned.