1. Why aren’t we moving? A fashion behemoth stops traffic on Madison Avenue with a buy-it-now Fashion Week presentation.

2.  Taking it to the street. A peak at some of New York Fashion Week’s best street style.

3. How lovely. Designers at this year’s Fashion week tap women of a certain age to walk the runway.

4. Making the grade. If you’re looking for a good read you may want to check out this literary hub that aggregates book reviews, then assigns the book a letter grade. 

5. Multiple personalities. Can you find your home decor personality in any of these rooms?

6. Mane EventFall’s in-demand hair colors.

7. Not as sweet as you think. New documents reveal the not-so-sweet side of the sugar industry.

8. Arm’s length. Statement-making sleeves are right on point this fall.

9. Bravo, Donovan Carrillo. The 16-year old figure skater handles anti-gay commenters as deftly as he performs a double axel.

10. High profile. Nordstrom and Nike team up with in a shop-in-a-shop concept.