Covering your arms has gotten a lot more fun this season thanks to designers who have created sleeves that may well have been inspired by this iconic episode of Seinfeld. Yes, the puffy shirt has returned, albeit not exactly like the one Jerry immortalized on the show.

In this latest incarnation, designers have turned a creative eye to that oft neglected element of a top – the sleeve – and turned out silhouettes that are nothing short of fabulous. Whether mid-length, short or ultra-long, you’ll find sleeves that are puffy (yes, very puffy), pleated, bell-shaped and cinched, sleeves that will add both drama and fun to an otherwise low-key look.

There are several ways to wear fashion’s new darling. I chose to contrast silhouettes by pairing a voluminous white, pleated-sleeve top with slim black pants. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t or couldn’t pair this top – an absolute steal, by the way – with wide-leg trousers. That’s also a great option and one I will likely try, as well.

Wondering how you’re feeling about this new silhouette?  Have you added a statement sleeve top to your wardrobe yet?


Top   (more of my favorites here, here, and here//  Pant  //  Heels  //  Bag: Chanel 


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