Wow, the weeks have gotten away from me, I’m afraid. Between travel, the ups and way too many downs of our never-ending house rehab (don’t even ask about my closetand more recently, moving my in-laws here to this new Midwestern city, I’ve had my hands full (to say the least). It’s likely the reason my summer feels like it’s flown by and why I haven’t wanted to let it go.

Until now.

You know how that happens, right? That moment when you know you’re ready to let go of something. In the case of summer that moment came this past weekend when the first real hint of fall made its presence known.

The moment unfolded like this – I’m Tailgating with friends and family at my first college football game of the season (ND vs. Nevada) and out of the blue – no heads-up whatsoever – here comes fall.  I wondered if anyone else noticed, or if anyone else even cared and then my thoughts turned to summer and how it’s definitely getting ready to slip out the exit door. But I digress. 

That’s all it took. A bit of fairy dust sprinkled on me in the form of a little cool breeze and I’m all in. Ready for fall.

Ready for the fashion;

the foliage;

the football;

and the feelings this most lovely of season’s elicits in me each and every year.


Finally :)

How about you? Has fall tapped you on the shoulder yet?