1.  I love New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg’s tips for becoming a successful entrepreneur. {LinkedIn.com}

2.  Interview Magazine’s September Model issue features 7 legends in all their gorgeous glory. {interviewmagazine.com}

3.  And Speaking of gorgeous, check out these models with their mothers, gracing the pages of the September Vogue Russian edition. {citizensoffashion.com}

4.  Ever wonder why we dress the way we do? This new book could have all the answers.{penguin.com}

5.  One of my favorite bloggers has just inked a book deal and I can’t wait for it’s release next year! {garancedore.com}

6.  Just ordered a pair of jeans featured in this video with the beautiful Miranda Kerr. {netaporter.com}

7.  Forget about the hat this season. It’s all about the crown. {elle.com}

8.  From head to toe, or in this case toes, you’ll want to read this article about the one fashion staple that’s actually hurting you. {stylelist.com}

9.  If you’re contemplating traveling solo on your next vacation, you might want to check out these tips.{huffingtonpost.com}

10. And finally, the next time your travels take you to Nashville, check out one of my favorite hotels.{hermitagehotel.com}