Bordeaux head down

Like a good red wine, some things just get better with age. That adage bodes well for me since I happen to be a saver. Not in a hoarding kind of way. (Yikes, my obsessive compulsive neatness couldn’t handle that!) What I’m talking about involves my fairly vast collection of clothing (I know my sisters and friends, who helped me pack it all up for my move are nodding their heads in a collective affirmative).

Perhaps because as a child I was always either creating something new – amazing dresses(well, I thought so) made out of paper towels for my dolls – or reinventing something deemed old – a beautiful, dramatic cashmere coat given to my by my grandmother. It has always been the art of fashion that has captivated me. It’s also probably the reason I have difficulty parting with quality pieces, even and especially after fashion gurus dictate that they’re no longer in style.

As I said last week in this post, beautiful clothes made with sumptuous fabric and quality workmanship never go out of style.

Today I’ve mixed two classics from my closet – my coat and boots – with newer pieces to create a look that’s both fresh and modern.

Bordeaux sweater

Bordeaux sitting on wall

The rich, warm, Bordeaux topper is many years old, but still hangs in my closet because of it’s clean, tailored lines and luxurious fabric. It’s one of those special pieces that just feels good when I put it on. Somehow I can’t imagine parting with it. The same is true for my Prada block-heeled knee boots. They are as gorgeous today as the day I bought them, more than 15 years ago! Both items are right on point today, proving that yes, some things do get better with age.

My advice – hold on to those classics in your closet. You won’t regret it.

Bordeaux standing 2


Bordeaux finalfinal

Coat: Cinzia Rocca  //  Denim  //  Sweater (similar)  //  Handbag: Kate Spade (love this one ) //  Boots: Prada (Similar here and here)

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