How would you describe your personal style?

That’s a question I’ve been asked more than a few times over the years. While I’ve certainly had my share of style missteps – one decade in particular comes to mind (hello late 80s!) – when it comes to personal style I’ve always supposed that I’m a classic – a lover of  beautiful, uncomplicated clothing. For me, gorgeous fabric is key, not just the type or texture, but its drape, the way it moves with my body and feels against my skin. My closet is a mix of feminine and masculine pieces, neutral colors and unique finds that allow me to put my own distinctive signature on a look.

My primary style inspiration came from my mother. Her French girl chic captivated me as a child. She had an easy, understated elegance about her, and probably did the LBD better than anyone I’ve ever met in my life. It absolutely astounds me to this day that she always managed to look fabulous, even while chasing after me and my four siblings. From her I learned that less is definitely more, that trends come and go, and that to possess great style isn’t just about the clothes, it’s the way you carry yourself, your countenance, that light that shines from within.

My own style evolution has remained for the most part consistent (I said for the most part :) ). I’ve never liked following the crowd. As a young college student I showed up at a formal event wearing a menswear-inspired tuxedo. There I was, standing in a sea of floor length gowns feeling not the least bit self-conscious but instead, pretty fabulous not to mention comfortable, too. After college, in my life as a TV News anchor, I favored tailored suits, pencil skirts and wide-leg trousers mixed with feminine blouses and soft sweaters. I am still wearing my wide leg trousers today, my soft sweaters, my pencil skirts – all classic pieces that have withstood the test of time.

Reading this, it probably comes as no surprise that Katharine Hepburn is one of my all-time favorite style icons. She wore the pants, quite literally, in the most incredibly stylish way, putting her own stamp on what she wore, and putting menswear-inspired looks for women on the map. Her classic style sensibility endures today and proves that Coco had it right all along – style, does indeed, remain.Classic head down Mshot

Classic 6

Classic B&W

Sweater: Vince (similar here )  //  Trousers: Diane Von Furstenberg (similar here)  //Platform Sandals: Stuart Weitzman (similar)  // Crossbody Bag: Mark Cross // Sunglasses