Don’t you just love those little design tricks that require minimal effort but return maximum impact? The following is one of my favorites…

When I moved my in-town studio into my home several years ago I found myself with two large painted screens and nowhere to put them. I really loved the screens with their hand-painted motifs, but had no need to use them as room dividers. Not wanting to give them up, I decided to turn them into wall art. The larger one above, made perfect sense for the master bedroom and the smaller one looks right at home in the living room.



It may seem redundant to hang a room partition on an already existing wall but if you have additional wall space, these painted partitions can add drama and beauty to any room in your home. In my case, instead of being banished to the basement storage area, the screens are now the focal point of the rooms they occupy, creating beautiful backdrops for the furnishings. Perhaps not the way they were intended to be used, but that’s the best part, isn’t it?