Think simple yet sumptuous, understated yet seductive, romantic pieces that are capable of creating a cozy oasis that will envelop you every time you walk through the doors of your home. How to get the look?

“With fabric,” says interior designer Mark Roberts.


Roberts, is the owner of the lovely North Shore home décor boutique, Mark David Designs. He says when attempting to infuse a little romance into a room, try envisioning a beautiful, romantic dress, then choose fabrics that are reminiscent of it, like velvet or taffeta. Use the fabric for something as simple as accent pillows and voilá, you’ve just added a little romance to a chair, settee, or chaise.

Lighting is another way to get the look, Roberts says.


Bedside lamps and petite chandeliers can set a magical mood in any boudoir. You can build on that mood with anything that sparkles, which Roberts says, adds romance and intrigue.

framesAnd of course one of the easiest ways to add a little romantic vibe to a room is with candles…


always beautiful, always romantic.

Don’t forget unexpected design elements either, Roberts says. “A fur throw would be amazing. It would be beautiful on either a sofa or a bed.”

The most important thing when decorating, he says, is not to second guess yourself.


By following just a few of these tips you can rest assured that your home will definitely be where your heart resides.


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