Warmth. Charm.  Character.  The unsung hero of window decor—the window box— possesses all of these attributes and then some.  I knew I wanted to include this design detail when we were building our home. There’s something I find really enchanting about these miniature gardens and the look and feel they can create.  I chose copper window boxes, but there are literally dozens of styles and materials to choose from.<


Incorporating them beneath each of our home’s windows doesn’t just compliment its exterior.


They look just as captivating from the interior, creating a bit of magic in every room by pulling the outside in. Your flower choices and colors are endless though specific varieties will be dependent on your home’s exposure.  We kept our flower choices on the warm, colorful side, using deep purple petunias, and pink and raspberry impatiens.


If you’re looking to create your own magical setting without doing a lot of heavy planting you might want to check out the window box.  This little design detail goes a long way and can instantly transform the look of a home, adding irresistible charm as well as great curb appeal.