Fall has definitely arrived! The leaves are falling faster than we can sweep them up and by this time next week most of our beautiful trees will be bare once more. I’m definitely planning on getting outside to enjoy what’s left of Autumn. How about you? Anything fun planned? Wherever you are in the world I wish you a wonderful weekend! Make it a good one! xox~M

1. It’s Friday which means it’s cocktail time. Have you ever tried a Hard Cider Sangria(foodandwine.com)

2. Haven’t be able to stop listening to this haunting rendition of one of my all-time favorite Joni Mitchell songs. (youtube.com)

3. A music supergroup worth listening to. (tiredpony.com)

4. Did you get the memo(vogue.com)

5. How many jelly beans do you have left? (youtube.com)

6. A college with no classes(psfk.com)

7. The newest predictor of when and if you’re going to breakup is apparently Facebook(nypost.com)

8. Finally! Non-toxic nail polish(care2.com)

9. Speaking of non-toxic products, love this new phone app(itunes.apple.com)

10. An amazing blogger with ties to Chicago has a best seller on his hands. (humansofnewyork.com)