If you’re a history buff who also happens to love architecture and you’re looking for things to do this Labor Day weekend, I’ve got just the ticket—tour the Oak Park, Illinois, home and studio of legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Whether you live in the Chicago area or are planning a visit , you’ll definitely want to check this out.


The shingle-style house above is where it all began for the man called the greatest American architect of all time. Frank Lloyd Wright lived and worked here for 20-years, from 1889 to 1909.  He and his first wife Catherine raised six children here and he was forever making modifications and additions to the home to accommodate his growing family.


The addition of a studio workplace allowed Wright to work from home and it is where his creative genius would eventually give birth to a new American architecture: the Prairie Style. Wright incorporated organic principles into his designs early on, not wanting a home to merely sit on a lot, but instead wanting the home to become part of the landscape.   He was a colorful character who put a high premium on privacy and security, despised clutter, and had no tolerance for distractions either in the workplace or at the dinner table {sounds like my kind of guy :-)}

I give this tour two thumbs up and can say unequivocally that You Should Go!

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