1.  Independence Day is right around the corner so why not celebrate with this cocktail from the Food Network’s Guy Fieri. (foodnetwork.com)

2.  Speaking of the 4th, don’t these chips sound delish! (epicurious.com)

3.  And so does this Asian inspired burger and I don’t even eat meat! (SouthernLiving.com)

4.  While we’re on the subject of food, let’s talk hygiene.  Do you do a thorough enough job of washing your hands?  You might be surprised. (usatoday.com)

5.  Loving this new take on traditional decor from Williams-Sonoma. (williams-sonoma.com)

6.  My home decor is heavy on personal photography which is why I love this cool collaboration aimed at showcasing all your works of art. (shutterfly.com)

7.  I never realized the many health benefits of epsom salt but I will most definitely be soaking my feet in some this weekend. (epsomsaltcouncil.org)

8.  Midi rings are apparently all the rage in jewelry trends. (instyle.com)

9.  Budding authors in the Chicago area now have a place to sharpen their skills thanks to Writopia Lab. (writopialab.org)

10.  Of course becoming a great writer requires that you first become a great reader, and this summer reading program may just give children the incentive they need to do just that.