Out of the archives today comes one of my favorite pair of shoes—my not quite vintage, but certainly more than a decade old –  Joan Helpern Signature brogues. Helpern’s Signature line of shoes and boots were worn by the likes of Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn, and Princess Diana.

Why do I adore these two-tone lace-up wingtips so much? Because they personify the classic with a twist sensibility that truly defines my style. I especially love the juxtaposition of this look—menswear shoes paired with a soft, airy, lace dress, structured sleeveless blazer, and feminine, flower embellished belt.


If you took a little stroll inside the vault (John’s moniker for my closet) you might think I had a bit of an obsession with brogues—I’ve got a few dozen pair. Love them all, but these…these are special. They blur the line between masculine and feminine and feel more sexy than stuffy. What do you think?  Do you own a pair or two of brogues or is this a look you’d take a pass on?