Thank you, Tory Burch! Thank you for saving my feet this summer. After an unfortunate accident on a treadmill back in June left me with two badly bruised ankles, your fabulously comfortable slip-on sneakers saved the day for me. For a while they were the only shoes I could wear without pain. Add to that their chic factor and I almost didn’t notice I had been sidelined from wearing some of my favorite heeled sandals. The pain has long since subsided (thankfully!!) but your slip-ons remain my favorite sneaker of the summer. I loved them so much that I bought them in both black and white. Come to think of it , I seriously could have captioned this post – My Favorite Shoes Of The Summer, because that’s just what these have been. If you’re looking for a comfortable, chic sneaker, look no further than these beauties. You won’t be sorry.