This is just so random, but what can I say, that’s just the way my brain works, weaving one transitory thought into another, especially when I’m running which is what I did this morning, which is when I started to smile because I was listening to an old remix of Prince on my iPod from his Purple Rain days, which then got me thinking about the movie Purple Rain (an 80s classic :-)) that I watched in the basement of my childhood home with my mom, sister Joanie, and cousin Annie, which reminded me of Joanie and Annie dancing to Morris Day’s “The Bird”, which then got me thinking about Annie, who is now a Carmelite Nun, which then had me wondering whether she had taught any of her fellow nuns how to do the “The Bird”, which then got me thinking that maybe that was blasphemous, which then had me feeling guilty, which then had me asking God for forgiveness, which then reminded me it was Easter weekend and then, just like that, I was home, running up my driveway, all sweaty and happy and grinning from ear to ear, thinking that it was only a moment ago when we were all laughing and dancing and doing “The Bird.”

Wishing you a wonderful weekend wherever you happen to be in the world. Hope you find countless reasons to smile. xox-M