Remember that scene in Forest Gump where he finally stops running? That’s what it felt like when I arrived in New York last week. Kind of ironic, right – that this city that doesn’t sleep, this city where there’s more hustle in its bustle than possibly anywhere else on earth, that this city is the place where I stopped running? HAPPY – you said it Pharrell! I hung out with friends and mostly just ate and drank my way through a long and languid weekend.

So, in honor of this most memorable trip, here are some of the things that brought a great, big smile to my face…

My friends

Those are my dear friends, Yvonne and Bill, in the photo above, and getting a chance to spend time with them was the absolute highlight of my trip. We’ve known each other for more than 25-years, brought together serendipitously in Tampa, Florida, where we were just starting out in the TV News business. We were all such innocents when we met – wide-eyed 20-somethings, not long out of college – each earnestly pursuing our broadcasting dreams. Our time would be brief in that tropical place, and our paths would never again intersect professionally, but the bond that was forged during that coming-of-age-time-period in our lives remains inextricable. (And, oh, the adventures we share! Definitely memoir material :) )

A Flatiron District Favorite


My friends and I met up at Gramercy Tavern, one of Manhattan’s best known and beloved eateries. If you’ve not dined in this cozy, comfortable space, do check it out and you’ll definitely understand what all the fuss is about. The seasonal menu is Contemporary American and I can’t say enough about the food and the attentive service. Big props to our enthusiastic waiter who recommended the wine and whose generous pours I am certain had a lot to do with the golden hue that settled over our table round about glass number two :)

Did I mention the wine?


Loved this truth serum – Xangall, Albariño Rías Baixas – a Spanish white the Gramercy pours by the glass or bottle.

The view from my hotel


We stayed in a suite at the Trump SoHo and while the lobby seemed to be teeming with all of New York, our room was spacious and quite tranquil, and its floor to ceiling windows made for unbelievable views.


Pretty amazing, right?

No ordinary alphabet

abcI can’t say enough about my first dining experience at ABC Kitchen. This farm-to-table restaurant where most menu items are locally sourced and where every item is organic and non-GMO is quite simply, fabulous. The space is open and airy, and located on the ground floor of ABC Carpet & Home. Once you get past that little oddity – that you can peruse carpet and home goods prior to dining – you’ll discover that the food here is the star of the show. You should definitely check this place out if you’re planning a visit to NYC.

A perfect brunch place

The thing I love about SoHo, There are just sooo many things I love about SoHo, one of which is the myriad places you can stop and grab a bite. We stumbled into a great find when we walked through the doors of Spring Street Natural Restaurant.

springstreetFresh food and lightning fast service seduced us into having brunch there two days in a row. (What can I say, we loved the food and the coffee :) )

And speaking of SoHo

soho1Wandering the streets of this lower Manhattan neighborhood is a photographers dream. The shops, the galleries, the architecture, even the cobblestone streets, evoke a European flavor that I find impossible to resist.

And did I mention the wine ;)

Happy Friday, everyone! Wherever in the world you happen to be I hope you find countless reasons to smile this weekend. Make it a good one! xx~M