Certified Lipsologist (yes, there is such a thing:)) Michael Kett says there are five traits to look for in your Valentine’s lip print. Kett, who also happens to be an entertainer, uses the art to analyze his audiences one lip print at a time. He says lipsology is a science that’s not only fun but remarkably accurate. In a matter of minutes, he said, he would be able to tell me about my personality, emotional status, even my energy level. All I needed to do was kiss an index card and hand over my prints—he’d do the rest. He then set to analyzing their size, shape, color intensity, and special markings—all unique to me. In fact, like fingerprints, no two lip prints are the same.

Here are the five traits to look for:

1. If the lower lip has  a V-shaped indentation in the middle inner edge, it is safe to assume that this person is not a cheap date. They tend to have champagne and caviar tastes.

2. A dark line (called an energy line) at the edge of the inner aspect of the upper lip is an indicator of guarded emotions. They don’t show their true emotions to people they don’t know well or trust. They make great poker players.


3. A dark line (energy line) at the edge of the lower aspect of the lower lip print is someone that gets their feelings hurt easily.

4. If the person has a cupids bow on the upper print and a dark line (energy line) that runs across the outer edge of the print but it does not extend across the cupid’s bow, this person puts a lot of energy into what they do but is not feeling appreciated. It could relate to home or work situations.

5. A hug pucker: this looks like a tonsil hanging down from the middle of the inner edge of the upper lip print. The larger the hug pucker, the more these people are generous with their hugs. They enjoy being physically affectionate.

So, what did my prints reveal about me? Well…you guessed it…my lips are sealed…smiling but sealed. :)

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! xo~M