Here we are, getting ready to enter the second week of February, and already I’m having conversations with month number two, admonishing it to slow down.  2013 is a-month-and-some-change shorter but my to-do list just keeps getting longer.  Not fair.  I’m telling myself not to freak out about it, but why is it, I kind of am? Probably too much quiet, not enough inspiration, and the realization I shared with a fellow blogger the other day that I clearly thrive on a little noise. Maybe even a lot of noise. Which isn’t to say I’m not enjoying myself here in South Florida, because trust me, I am.  Just haven’t really had any Hemingway moments.

As always though, I found plenty of things to smile about this week, including…

  • this day.Beach shot
  • With my hometown getting socked with horrendous weather yesterday, and the East Coast getting blasted by a blizzard right now, I’m feeling more than a little blessed to be here  enjoying such perfection.
  • this book.  It’s an amazing compilation of  joyful images by photographer Joseph Peter.
  • this paper.   The company that allows you to send hundreds of  virtual invitations with nary a paper cut has just introduced a new line of stationary using… well, you’ll see.
  • this slideshow.  Check out this Friday flashback of head-turning Grammy fashion.
  • this exhibit.  If you love shoes you must go.
  • this line.  If you love Marchesa you’ll be thrilled about this.
  •  my youth. Ah, yes, sweet youth.

Even in middle age it is possible to feel like a kid again, at least in this particular part of Florida, where it appears that I am the youngest one in every room I enter. Old-timers rule here…Beach people

beach people 2

Beach people 3

and God bless them :)

And speaking of old-timers, did you guys happen to see this Super Bowl commercial last Sunday?  It’s absolutely hilarious.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!  Hope you find countless reasons to smile!