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My personal style is:  Eclectic My favorite wardrobe item is:  Barbour jacket A beauty tip I live by:  Moisturize and wear sunscreen The word that best describes me:  Passionate The city I’d most like to live in:  I want to live everywhere once Right now I’m listening to:  Gary Clark Jr. Right now I’m reading:  Pulphead, John Jeremiah Sullivan’s essays about American culture and his more personal reflections cohere into a memoirlike whole. My favorite TV show or movie is:  Friday Night Lights The actor who would play me in the story of my life:  Amy Poehler or Kristen Wiig My dream job...

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Friendship, Food & Spanish Wine

Remember that scene in Forest Gump where he finally stops running? That’s what it felt like when I arrived in New York last week. Kind of ironic, right – that this city that doesn’t sleep, this city where there’s more hustle in its bustle than possibly anywhere else on earth, that this city is the place where I stopped running? HAPPY – you said it Pharrell! I hung out with friends and mostly just ate and drank my way through a long and languid weekend. So, in honor of this most memorable trip, here are some of the things...

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New York Is Always A Good Idea

I always feel energized when I get back from New York. Not only is this city a visual feast (jackpot territory for a girl with a camera) but there’s also this underlying current running through it – a kind of palpable earnestness in the pace of the people that I find really addictive. Especially now. Lately, I’ve been struggling with working from home. I seriously miss the stimulation and camaraderie of working with fellow creatives. When I moved my studio into my home a few years back I guess I never anticipated the impact it would have on my...

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