My personal style is: 


My favorite wardrobe item is: 

Barbour jacket

A beauty tip I live by: 

Moisturize and wear sunscreen

Kate2av1The word that best describes me: 


The city I’d most like to live in: 

I want to live everywhere once

Right now I’m listening to: 

Gary Clark Jr.

Right now I’m reading: 

Pulphead, John Jeremiah Sullivan’s essays about American culture and his more personal reflections cohere into a memoirlike whole.

My favorite TV show or movie is: 

Friday Night Lights

The actor who would play me in the story of my life: 

Amy Poehler or Kristen Wiig

My dream job is/would be: 

Anthony Bourdain

If I could do one thing over again it would be:

Move to New York, it was the best thing that ever happened to me

Happily-Ever-After for me looks like: 

That my family and friends live long happy and healthy lives