Finding this fabulous Derek Lam dress was a total fluke. I had literally just landed in Chicago this past Friday when I hit the ground running in search of a dress for a Saturday bridal shower. Already late when I headed out, I walked through the door at Barney’s and at first look didn’t see anything that would really work. I tried one granny-gown-ish dress on that made me laugh – too many flowers, too many ruffles, just too much going on for my style aesthetic. (This is it, if you’re interested :) ) As luck would have it though, my sales assistant knocked on the dressing room door just as I was about to come out and handed me this amazing find and as soon as I slipped it on it was love at first sight. It comes with a belt but I liked it better without. It really is the perfect dress for a wedding (it’s the second navy dress I’ve bought in two weeks) but since I needed it for a shower I lightened things up by adding my off-white Chanel bag and the latest addition to my shoe collection – a gorgeous pair of Valentino heels. Love that the studs are off-white too! Much more subtle than the gold and they really brought the whole look together. Love when that happens so serendipitously :)