True story – When this top arrived at my door recently I was ecstatic. I loved the red gingham print and all those wildly fun ruffles. The waist sash is a nice addition too, and elevated this beauty even more. I hung it in my closet, figuring I didn’t need to try it on and catalogued it as must-wear for an upcoming lunch. The thing is, when I finally did put it on I have to admit that it kind of overwhelmed me. Were all those ruffles too dramatic? I hesitated.

Hmm, Should I take it off in favor of something more subdued?

I posed the question to John and he was quick with his response.

I love it,” he said. “Do not change.”

His prompting convinced me to just go for it. I decided to do dramatic for the day and seriously, I’m glad I did. The reaction I got was worth it :) Everywhere we went that day people approached me to tell me how much they loved my top and of course to ask where I got it. Unfortunately,¬†Neiman Marcus, where I purchased it, is sold out of the top. But with a little scouting I managed to track it down on the manufacturers website and you can find it here.

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