01. Changing the rules Old school Haute Couture is slowly changing with the times.

02. Order in the…closet. Organizing tips guaranteed to end closet chaos.

03. Speaking of order…Kitchen pantries  that are not only orderly but loaded with style.

04. Sometimes it is about the destination. At least in the case of these 25 locales.

05. And the Oscar goes to…just maybe this actress.

06. The Book of Mormon. This inspiring young woman is hoping to rewrite it.

07. The People’s Princess. Two sons and the statue they’ve commissioned commemorating their mother.

08. Well said. Wise words from the world’s oldest yogi.

09. Wonder Woman. Westworld’s resident cyborg madam is no damsel in distress.

10. Last Laugh. In honor of MTM, one of her funniest TV moments.