Blanket 2

Okay, I’m not going to lie to you. Styling my blanket scarf for today’s post was not as easy as I thought it would be. In fact, trying to style it kind of turned into a comedy routine, with me eventually falling on the floor, laughing hysterically. I tried and I tied (yes, I meant to say tied :) ) and I even looked for help on Youtube. (Come on, I know you’ve done this too :) ) and still, I couldn’t get the thing to cooperate. Why, I wondered, weren’t my corners lining up like hers? Why did my inverted triangle make me look like I was wearing a giant bib? Honestly, I should have recorded my umpteen attempts at securing the gigantic scarf, all while trying not to look like Granny Moses. Not sure that I succeeded but I ended up going with a more subdued look (okay, and easier, for sure). Instead of the traditional front drape that you typically see, I employed a kilt pin to create a pseudo-poncho look. Not only did it work for my style aesthetic it also kept me toasty warm on what turned out to be a pretty blustery fall day. Remember, I’m the queen of uncomplicated dressing. Anything that takes too long to put on or that overwhelms my frame will probably not make the cut in my regular wardrobe rotation. That said, I’ve been admiring all the fabulous plaid derivations of this particular accessory for a while now and am thrilled that I was able to create a look that works for me. Bonus points for all the laughs I will inevitably have when wearing this scarf.

Blanket 3

Blanket 4

Blankt final1

Wishing you a wonderful weekend wherever in the world you happen to be. Make it a good one! xox-M

Blanket Scarf (more great options here and here and here)  // Cashmere Cableknit Turtleneck: Vince   // Denim  // Booties  //  Saddle Bag: Bally  //  Sunglasses

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