What to wear on this, the last day of August?

How about one more one-shoulder-top for old times’ sake :)

And a striped one no less. Always a good thing. A summertime thing in this case.

I may not be retiring this silhouette just yet but I’m afraid this particular beauty won’t be making the cut for fall, which, in case you’ve been in a deep sleep for several weeks, is seriously, right around the corner. For now though, this pretty little bow-embellished J.Crew top works perfectly for our still 80-degree days, infusing just the right amount of chic into an otherwise basic look.

Tomorrow, though, let’s talk about tomorrow…

I’ll be left saying what I say at every month’s end – Where did the time go?  Which by the way, seems to move at warp speed right about now, don’t you think?

I just know that…

Crazy thing, time. It is both maddening and magical.

Maddening because no matter what we do we can’t stop the clock and magical because, well, that’s just what the whole process of living life is – magical – as long as you’re really living it.

So what do you say? Let’s go. Let’s do this new month with gusto. Let’s laugh more, love more and give more and let’s remember our friends in Houston by donating what we can to help those devastated by Hurricane Harvey. Get more details on how you can help here.

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Denim (similar on sale)


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