Little did I know that the Nick I had photographed on a blustery afternoon last November would turn out to be the very same Nick taking so much flack on this season’s Bachelorette. I only recently discovered they were one in the same.

The second or third time I watched the show I mentioned to Katherine that one of the bachelors looked very familiar.

“That’s the guy,” I said, when Nick finally appeared on camera. ” I feel like I know him.”

Katherine looked up and practically spit her water out.

“That’s because you do know him. That’s the guy you photographed on Oak Street!!!”

“No it’s not” I answered.  “The guy I photographed was much bigger than that.”

“It’s him!” she insisted.

Then, to prove her point she pulled up the post I had done last November featuring Nick. Sure enough, she was right. It was indeed, Nick.

For the record, the Nick I met on that fall day was incredibly kind and extremely funny, nothing at all like he’s being portrayed on the show.

Not sure who Andi picks in tonight’s Bachelorette finale, but Nick made it into the top two. Will he get the final rose? Or will it be Josh? Rumors abound so I guess we’ll just have to tune in to find out who’ll be the last man standing.