Remember that post where I told you that I planned on walking instead of rushing around this holiday season?

Little did I know that in the midst of all my seasonal-Zen that walking would prove to be my
downfall, quite literally (and right in my own home!).

Okay, so truth be told, walking in my house is not as easy as it sounds thanks to several strategically placed iron dog gates and step-down living spaces. While the gates are a pain (I never realized how much!) they do keep our little four-legged family member Bella from destroying the house. Trouble is, to get to the front and side doors, as well as my office, we have to step over those gates . (You know what’s coming next, right?)

In one of those life is not always perfect moments, early Monday evening, while running to the door to catch the UPS man before he took off, I attempted to jump over one of those (insert expletive here) gates and didn’t quite make it. Talk about an out of body experience—fast motion and slow motion collided all at once and I went flying forward towards the hardwood floor with nothing but air to grab onto. My knee hit the floor first, followed almost instantaneously by my elbow, hip, and chin. I’ve never fallen before and I hit with such impact that I actually had a moment or two when I wondered in my own, Woody Allen-esque way, whether I was still alive. That thought left pretty quickly though, as some crazy pain started to set in. Miraculously, I didn’t break anything. I’m incredibly sore and bruised but  I’m extremely grateful to God that I will not have to wear a full body cast this Christmas. As for those #?*! dog gates…I’m plotting their demise as we speak ;)