From the beginning it has been my joy, my medicine, a lyrical partner in my most intimate moments.
Growing up I escaped often into its comforting embrace, losing myself for hours in the words and the melodies. Thousands and thousands of tracks are imprinted on my soul, some to such a degree that hearing them can still carry me away to a place of pure bliss. Some I can’t bear to listen to because they still, even after so many years elicit a profoundly visceral reaction in me that is better left to the past. That’s what the best of music can do to a body. It can crack you wide open and force you to come face to face with your truth. It can move you to dance, will you to get up and try again, and simply make you smile. Gut-wrenching and glorious, a marriage of two extremes—that is the magic of music.

An incredibly talented artist making music magic right now is singer/songwriter Rosi Golan.


Check out my interview with Rosi in tomorrow’s Daily.