Fall collections come and go along with the myriad of colors and prints heralded as the next big thing, but let’s face it, black is forever. It is and always will be the rebel in the crayon box with an aesthetic that is as close to cool as it gets. Take Riccardo Tisci’s Givenchy Fall 2013 collection for instance—so cool—it was almost entirely black with one standout piece after another. Long lean lines, gorgeous fabrics, and modern adornments were the focal point of this street chic collection, offering up infinite amounts of inspiration to us mere mortals.


As you can see from the top image, I took a page out of the Givenchy lookbook and staged a black-out of my own by wearing black cashmere trousers with a great drape and pairing them with a cropped bouclé sweatshirt. It may sound strange but I always feel calm wearing black, so it will definitely be taking center stage in my wardrobe yet again, this season. How about you? Will you be wearing any black this Fall?


images via vogue.com