How often do you endeavor to step out of your comfort zone? When it comes to fashion, my answer is: not very often. It rarely crosses my mind to mess with my monochromatic, minimalist aesthetic. It’s polished. It’s chic. It’s easy. And, well, it’s safe. Safe?

What’s with the mixed prints then, you’re probably asking right about now? I’m getting to that.

Mixed Prints 2

Anthropologie Skirt// Gap Striped Top// Chanel Handbag// Vera Wang Sandals // Vintage Ray-Ban Wayfarers

What I’ve realized lately, is that mixing things up,when done properly, doesn’t have to threaten your safety or leave you looking like a fashion disaster.  Not only is it fun to try out new combinations, mixing things up can infuse your  existing wardrobe with a whole new life and lots of new looks.

Both the skirt and top in this post have been hanging in my closet for more than a few seasons. How cool is it to create a whole new look with pieces you already own? Not to mention the fact that because it’s no longer available, it becomes unique. In fact, that’s one of my favorite fashion secrets—holding things back for a few seasons before wearing them. I inevitably get the most compliments on pieces that are many seasons old.

Mixed Prints 3

The key to mixing prints is to ensure that one pattern doesn’t overwhelm the other. I chose to mix a floral skirt with a more neutral striped top, playing up the navy in both pieces. The look is fun, unique, and still has a little dash of safe thrown in for good measure.

Are you a fan of mixed prints? What’s your favorite combination?