New York’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week kicks off tonight and with it a fashion feeding frenzy that will have street style photographers knocking over little old ladies to capture images of some of the beautiful people who’ll be in attendance. Over the next nine days at more than 300 shows, designers will be unveiling their much anticipated spring collections to editors, writers, and retailers, along with a plethora of street style photographers, videographers, and bloggers who will also be on hand to capture every nuanced moment.

If it seems to you, that the point of the event has somehow gotten lost in the relative circus surrounding it, you wouldn’t be alone in your thinking. In fact, according to a recent article in the New York Times, even some designers are dreading this season’s event. To be sure, most designers are helpless as they watch the anticipation and excitement surrounding the big reveal of their beloved collections evaporate when said collections appear, almost instantaneously, online. And let’s not forget about the shows taking place off the runways and out in the streets—the throngs of humanity who have descended on the city with their fashion week wardrobes in tow, hoping or expecting to be photographed. But why not? Who of us doesn’t want to see our favorite street style muse and their fashion aesthetic for the week?  Fashion is, after all, as Coco herself once said, everywhere, and should be celebrated for the art that it is.