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HOMETOWN: Lima, Peru PERSONAL STYLE:  My personal style is mostly laid back, and simple. I barely wear anything other than black jeans and plain shirts, although in this weather I am forced to layer up with some button ups and sweaters. FAVORITE WARDROBE ITEM: In the winter it’s my Paddington Coat, but in the summer it has to be my boyfriend chino shorts. I’D NEVER BE CAUGHT DEAD IN: Tie-Dye, never. THE WORD THAT BEST DESCRIBES ME: Chill THE CITY I’D MOST LIKE TO LIVE IN: Somewhere as full of energy as London, with the sunshine of Perth, walkable like...

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HOMETOWN: Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina MY PERSONAL STYLE IS: Casual with predominantly dark colours FAVORITE WARDROBE ITEM: My leather jacket I’D NEVER BE CAUGHT DEAD IN: Definitely jeans WORD THAT BEST DESCRIBES ME: Energetic and positive CITY I’D MOST LIKE TO LIVE IN: London LISTENING TO: Franz Ferdinand—Take Me Out READING: Orhan Pamuk—My Name is Red FAVORITE TV SHOW OR MOVIE: Big Bang Theory and the Matrix top the list:-) DREAM JOB: Archaeologist or diplomat. I’d love being an archaeologist because I love delving into different cultures and their historical background in order to find out more about human evolution. I’d love being a diplomat because I...

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Polar vortex be damned. Hannah braved the c-c-cold and snow like a true street style star, looking so unfazed by our Chicago weather that I almost thought I felt a touch of Spring in the air. (I said...

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Hometown: Mbabane in the Kingdom of Swaziland, a small country in Southern Africa My Personal Style Is: I like looking smart and a bit casual over the weekends. My Favorite Wardrobe Item Is: My scarf. It just adds an extra dimension to my look. A Grooming Tip I Live By: Shower twice a day and smell good at all times. I’d Never Be Caught Dead In: I do not wear hoodies. In fact I only own one hoodie which I use when I am going to the gym. The Word That Best Describes Me Is: Classy. The City I’d Most Like To Live...

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My Personal Style Is: Pretty and simple My Favorite Wardrobe Item Is: Leggings in the winter, sundress in the summer A Grooming Tip I live By: Letting my hair dry naturally—even if it means going to the office with damp hair (I know, so professional) I’d Never Be Caught Dead In: Glasses…yet I’m blind as a bat, so thank God for contact lenses! Word That Best Describes Me: Passionate City I’d Most Like To Live In: Washington, D.C., where my fiance, Matt lives! Right Now I’m Listening To: Hillsong—We Are Young & Free Right Now I’m Reading: Harvard Business School cases (blame it on MBA classes) My...

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