My Personal Style Is: Pretty and simple

My Favorite Wardrobe Item Is: Leggings in the winter, sundress in the summer

A Grooming Tip I live By: Letting my hair dry naturally—even if it means going to the office with damp hair (I know, so professional)

I’d Never Be Caught Dead In: Glasses…yet I’m blind as a bat, so thank God for contact lenses!

Word That Best Describes Me: Passionate

City I’d Most Like To Live In: Washington, D.C., where my fiance, Matt lives!

Dee GR

Right Now I’m Listening To: Hillsong—We Are Young & Free

Right Now I’m Reading: Harvard Business School cases (blame it on MBA classes)

My Favorite TV Show Or Movie Is: The Hunger Games, Pride & Prejudice

The Actor Who Would Play Me In The Story Of My Life: I think I’d best be portrayed as an animated character—maybe a mix of Disney’s Mulan and Jasmin:)

My Dream Job: I wish I knew. I’m still soul searching, but I’d like to be in the business of impacting and improving lives, something that challenges my mind and fills my heart.

If I Could Do One Thing Over Again It Would Be: In many situations I wish I had loved more, forgave more, was less proud and less selfish

Happily Ever After For Me Looks Like: A life full of laughter, God, spicy food, close friends,good movies, better books, family, adventure, and Matt.