Hometown: Mbabane in the Kingdom of Swaziland, a small country in Southern Africa

My Personal Style Is: I like looking smart and a bit casual over the weekends.


My Favorite Wardrobe Item Is: My scarf. It just adds an extra dimension to my look.

A Grooming Tip I Live By: Shower twice a day and smell good at all times.

I’d Never Be Caught Dead In: I do not wear hoodies. In fact I only own one hoodie which I use when I am going to the gym.

The Word That Best Describes Me Is: Classy.

The City I’d Most Like To Live In Is: New York City. I like the energy of the city and that’s where I would like to work.

Right Now I’m Listening To: Magna Carter Holy Grail by Jay Z

Right Now I’m Reading: The last book I read was “The Smartest Guys In The Room: The Amazing Rise and Scandalous Fall of Enron”

My Favorite TV Show Or Movie Is: I’m addicted to Scandal and Suits. I can’t wait for these two shows to air again.

The Actor Who Would Play Me In The Story Of My Life: Brad Pitt. He is classy and presents himself very well. I also like the fact that he is a family man.

My Dream Job Is: As a finance major I would like to work in one of the Wall Street companies in New York.

If I Could Do One Thing Over Again It Would Be: Travel more.

Happily Ever After For Me Looks Like: A loving family filled with happiness. It doesn’t matter where we will be, as long as I have my happy family everything is good.