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Rosi Golan

There, on a small stage in a room with a checkerboard floor, is Rosi Golan, rehearsing for her show which is less than an hour away. As her run-through wraps up, she descends the stage and walks towards me with a casual ease that says, “I’ve done this before.” Suddenly her hand is outstretched and I am immediately struck by her down to earth charm and her candor about Chicago weather. “It’s sooo cold!” she says. “I’m having a hard time warming up!” Golan, who stays bundled up in her coat during our interview, is more beautiful in person than her...

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The Magic Of Music

From the beginning it has been my joy, my medicine, a lyrical partner in my most intimate moments. Growing up I escaped often into its comforting embrace, losing myself for hours in the words and the melodies. Thousands and thousands of tracks are imprinted on my soul, some to such a degree that hearing them can still carry me away to a place of pure bliss. Some I can’t bear to listen to because they still, even after so many years elicit a profoundly visceral reaction in me that is better left to the past. That’s what the best...

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