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Fade To Black

Whenever I visit Beverly Hills, I’m always struck by the quiet calm of the city’s neighborhood streets. It’s like no one is ever home. There is however the occasional break in the peace and tranquility when one of the myriad tour buses drives by, slowing down in front of the homes or former homes of Hollywood’s elite. That one of those buses slowed down to check out my photo shoot made for an interesting experience (read pretty funny).  The patrons on said bus seemed to think they had stumbled upon a celebrity when they spotted me. Some took photos....

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The Beverly Hills Hotel

A storied hotel that is near and dear to my heart, The Beverly Hills Hotel is quintessential Old Hollywood glamour, right down to its 2012 facelift-reveal that showed off a subtly refreshed interior to celebrate its 100th birthday. Thankfully, the ‘Pink Palace’ and its distinctive pink, green, and white color palette remain intact… as does the iconic banana-leaf motif wallpaper, a signature look I can’t ever imagine growing tired of. The late architect Elmer Grey designed the original main building of the hotel but it is architect Paul Williams who, in 1941, is credited with  giving the hotel that...

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