A lot of you have asked for details about my daughter’s upcoming wedding and what better day to share some of the details then on the day I happen to be kicking off my new series – Wedding Wednesday.  Remember that fabulous photo I shared back in January of Katherine’s fiancé on bended knee holding what appeared to be a ring in his outstretched hand? Well, following is the backstory of that photo and my future son-in-law’s masterfully planned, incredibly romantic proposal…

On December 15, 2017, Katherine was in for the surprise of her life. After work on a chilly Friday night, Evan picked up Katherine to take her to what she thought would be a formal corporate holiday party at Chicago’s Union Station. Little did she know that Evan had mapped out the train schedule to find a 10 minute window of time when no trains would be leaving or arriving so they’d have the main terminal (mostly) to themselves. They arrived at the station at a timely 7:09 pm, and Evan led Katherine to the Metropolitan Lounge where she thought the party was being held. As they approached the lounge, Evan asked to take Katherine’s coat and told her to stay put as he went to check it. As Evan walked back towards her, his eyes filled with tears as he got down on one knee and looking up into her eyes he asked, “Katherine, will you marry me?” 

Needless to say, she said yes :)

*Top photo credits – Rebecca Peplinski

*Collage photo credits – Kevin Pickett