Who knew that a hat I bought for John last Christmas would become one of my new favorite things?! It happened that we were headed to a show at Chicago’s Second City one night recently and while standing waiting for an Uber I got so cold J offered me his hat. I’m not much for dramatic headgear, buy hey, I was freeeezing! As You might imagine from looking at this amply fur-endowed hat, it did the trick and kicked the cold to the curb.

So began my love affair with this toasty warm, fun winter accessory. I’ve been wearing it everywhere lately, and while I may look a tad bit eccentric I seriously don’t really care because I can’t stand being cold. So, whether I’m walking the dog or running errands, the trapper hat is planted firmly on my head, making these below normal temps much more bearable.

Traditionally made from shearling, leather or suede, the trapper hat has evolved and modern versions can now be found in all types of winterized and water repellant fabrics. Mine – from Neiman Marcus – is no longer available but there are countless styles out there right now just like it and you’ll find them at every price point. I really love this one (under $25) and this one (under $55). In fact, you just may see those particular two in an upcoming post ;)

If frigid temperatures are on the horizon for you this season I highly recommend picking up a trapper hat. We laugh every time I put it on, but let me tell you, it does the trick.

Happy Monday, everyone! Make it a great day! xxM

My Outfit Details

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