Good morning and happy Monday!

Admittedly, I am the owner of several off-the-shoulder tops (I’ll be sharing my newest find with you on Wednesday) but I’d be lying if I didn’t confess that wearing them is not always easy. Between pulling them back down off my shoulders when they decide to ride up, to the elastic that can sometimes dig into the outside of my arms, to the ones that feel like they’re going to fall down at any minute (oops :)) they can sometimes be a little irritating. A nice alternative to the off-the-shoulder style is the one-shoulder top, like the one I’m wearing in today’s post. Not only do I love the ruffle details of this pretty Parker topI love the fact that once you put this top on it stays put. Easy, effortless style, no adjusting needed. That’s always a bonus in  my book.

How do you feel about one-shoulder tops? Have you embraced this style yet?

Outfit Details






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