Lately I’ve been making like Marie Kondo and am in the process of doing a major overhaul of my closet. Applying her formula, I’m  simplifying, organizing and getting rid of whatever does not bring me joy. Surprisingly it’s a lot easier than I thought. Not only has the purging been a freeing experience it’s helped me to see my wardrobe more clearly and in a whole new way. The major takeaway – mixed in with all of my classics and favorite basics are some fabulous colorful pieces sitting there just waiting to be worn. So, I took the joyful plunge this weekend and went uber-bold. Bright pink and red?! Absolutely! It’s one of my favorite color combos. The cropped pants are from Apiece Apart and the fit is amazing! (I’m wearing a 2). The Rhode Resort pleated red top  has a modern elegance and is just plain fun. Looking forward to sharing more of the colorful pieces I unearthed in my closet clean in the weeks ahead. xxM



Pants (pink is sold out but still available in purple, cream, melon and black and the fit is amazing! For sizing purposes I’m wearing a 2)

Sandals (old but more fun fuchsia styles here and here

Cult Gaia Bag