Good morning! Has anyone else noticed that mid-summer is quickly inching towards late summer? I kind of can’t believe it! It compelled me to take a little time off this week to enjoy what’s left of one of my favorite months of the year. July always goes way too fast! (And yes, if you follow me on a regular basis, you know that I say the same thing every year!) 

Summer is going strong here in the Midwest, blanketing us with hot, steamy weather. The perfect sartorial choice on this recent blistering day – a new favorite purchase of mine – a midi-length cotton lace slip dress.  I hadn’t actually been in the market for one, but it became a necessity last week when Chicago’s winds nearly turned the short, A-line dress I was wearing into a hot air balloon(they don’t call it the Windy City for nothing!). I honestly expected that at any moment the winds were going to lift me right off the sidewalk :)

I didn’t want to do battle with the wind all day so I ducked into Barney’s and found this Sea black lace slip dress, the perfect solution to both the wind and the heat. I already own a few silk versions but this is much less slinky and way more comfortable. Its beautiful, heavier, gauze cotton fabric is not only cool but it doesn’t cling. Another plus – pretty details like the scalloped hemline and exposed back zip.  Every time I wear this dress it will remind me of all the laughs we had walking up Rush Street while I attempted to keep the first dress I was wearing from blowing up over my head. This dress is one of those fabulous finds that will forever be known as the  “Help! Save me from the winds,” slip dress:) Definitely a keeper.

Dress  //  Sandals  (similar here, here and here) //  Hat  //  Sunglassess


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