Good morning and happy Monday!

I’m thrilled to welcome you to the newly refreshed

As you can see, I’ve done a little spring cleaning around here. The changes are subtle but I think you’ll find the new site more intuitive and easier to navigate, which will hopefully make finding what you’re looking for a snap.

This website refresh is part of a bigger theme in my life, one that’s all about creating order and learning how to delegate (not easy for me!). The creating order part will continue to be a process, I’m afraid, while my current home is being renovated, but I’m hoping the delegating part comes a little easier and that it affords me a couple of extra hours in my day that I didn’t have before. That means more time to write. 

What will I write about? In the weeks ahead look for more personal posts from me about life, love and the lessons I’ve learned so far;

a peak behind the curtain;

excerpts from my truth is stranger than fiction life. 

Maybe I’ll even impart a little wisdom along the way. You never know.

Personal style and beauty posts will continue to be front and center as well as regular interviews and features about culture and design.

Following is a quick walk-through of the new site to get you reacquainted with familiar content and introduce you to some fun new features that have been added.


The Navigation Bar

The navigation bar is now located under the header where you’ll find six main categories.



Hover on any one of the main categories and you’ll find a beautiful, image-driven drop-down menu that showcases all of the sites subcategories.

The Search Bar

Searching for a particular topic? Simply type it into the search bar located in the upper righthand corner and all related posts will appear.


Want to connect with me on Facebook, follow along on Instagram, checkout my Pinterest Boards or communicate on Twitter? Connecting with me is easy. You’ll find all my social media buttons located in the upper righthand corner of the site.


The homepage contains the most recent posts, with the post of the day spanning the full width of the browser just beneath the navigation bar.

To access the full post page simply click on the post title.

The look is clean, uncluttered and most importantly intuitive.

Subscribe Box

You’ve asked for it and here it is, a subscription box made super simple. It’s located just beneath the post of the day in the righthand sidebar. Sign up and be the first to receive daily posts delivered right to your inbox.

And rest assured your email is never shared with 3rd party sources.

New Features

Mid-way down the homepage you’ll find the new Love That! grid containing posts related to anything or anyone we’re loving right now. Hover over an image and the post title will appear. Want to read more? Just click on the image.

Love that slide

This is where, from time to time, I’ll be welcoming contributors, who will be easy to spot by their byline, which will be located just under the post title.

Feature Favorites

Keep scrolling down the main page and you’ll find two rotating scrollbars featuring posts from the recurring series Five Minutes With and Beauty Secrets. The scrollbars are photo-centric and keep feature favorites front and center on the homepage. Want to read more? Simply click on the image to be taken to the full post page.

Shopping Made Simple

Need a little black dress? A great pair of lace-up sandals? A summer tote to carry you through the season? Check out the Shop My Favorites grid towards the bottom half of the site. Hover over any image to get product information and click on the image to be taken directly to the retailer.

Want to see all my favorites in one place? Simply click the Shop tab located on the navigation bar.

Instagram Feed

My Instagram feed is located at the bottom of the site and gives you a look into my world in realtime.

Subcategory Pages

Subcategory pages are organized in a visually enhanced grid format making it easy to find more of what you love on one page.

See one post in particular that strikes your fancy? Simply click on the post title and you’ll be taken to the full post page.

Have I forgotten anything? Please let me know if you have any questions at all about navigating the site and by all means, don’t forget to subscribe :)


Many thanks to my team at the Fierce Creative Agency (shoutout to Emily and Kate) for bringing my vision to life. You guys are amazing!