I love exceptional style and have always believed to possess it, is in itself, an art form. Fashion on the other hand, as Coco herself so famously said, fades. That it fades might not be fast enough for a new jewelry collection I spotted recently that actually left me speechless. I’m all for infusing the ingenious into the tried and true but designer Christopher Kane’s reinterpretation of zips-ties goes beyond the absurd and borders on misogynistic. Kane has repurposed that impossibly sturdy piece of plastic – that thing you can never get off of electrical cords and that conjures up images of NBC’S Dateline and its countless murder mysteries – into a luxury jewelry line that not only includes zip-tie necklaces, but bracelets and hair-ties.

Zip ties?


Am I the only one who doesn’t get this?

How do you feel about this trend?


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