I love its colors – cobalt, red, and white.

I love its sporty aesthetic and embroidered lettering.

But what I love most about this bomber jacket is that its former owner was my father.

DAD:BomberMy dad wore this jacket in the 1950s, when he played basketball for the U.S Army.

Repurposing it now seems extraordinarily fitting given the season’s homage to all things athletic-inspired. While it’s certainly not luxe, my dad’s now vintage bomber is fun and sporty, and another one of those pieces that’s loaded with character. (And what a conversation-starter :) ) I have several other newer versions in my closet, but it’s this one that I’m most excited about wearing. Definitely something about the history attached to it and its authenticity that sets it apart from its newer counterparts. I can’t wait to show you how I’ve styled it.

But before I do, I’d love to know how you’d interpret this vintage look. Is this something you’d dare to wear?